Varion is the captain of the guard for the Queen of Dragonstone.

Appearance Edit

The captain has violet eyes as befitting his culture, and long silver-gold hair. He is tall and thin, but still strong. At first glance, Varion does not look threatening, but he is often underestimated and uses it to his advantage.

History Edit

The Celtigars followed the Targaryens to Dragonstone when Varion was 7. Born a bastard, he was 16 when he realized that he was not going to be a lord. At best he would be a knight, so he left Dragonstone on his ship and went to Essos to fight with the sellsword company The Bright Banners. After learning to lead and mastering martial skills, he returned to Westeros.

He traveled to each kingdom to learn about the continent, and only then did he return to his family. He proved his worth when he won a tourney at Claw Isle, his family seat. After winning he was knighted, as well as legitimized and soon after he swore fealty to Rhaenys Targaryen. At her wish, he became the captain of the guard on Dragonstone

Family Edit

  • Valarr Celtigar - Father (deceased)
  • Daerys Galyreos - Mother
    • Varion Celtigar - (23)
  • Crispian Celtigar - Uncle (Lord of Claw Isle)
  • Ardrian Celtigar - Cousin (Heir of Claw Isle)