The Realm in the Year 100BC. Edit

  • The Northern lands from the Gift to Greywater Watch in the Neck belong to King Rickard Stark.
  • Vardis Hoare is the queen of the Iron Islands, as well as the land encompassed between the Twins and Maidenpool, and south to the fork of the Blackwater Rush.
  • The Vale of Arryn reaches from the Three Sisters within the Bite to Wickenden in the southernmost part of the kingdom, and west to Pallisade Village. Ruled by Rodrik Arryn.
  • Rhaenys Targaryen owns the islands of Valyria, Dragonstone and the islands of Driftmark and Claw Isle within the Blackwater Bay, and the area of mainland stretching from Cracklaw Point to Rook's Nest.
  • The Westerlands are composed of the land from the Banefort to east of Silverhill, and south to Crakehall.
  • Theobald II Gardener is king of the lands from Tumbleton to Harvest Hall, south to Sunflower Hall and the Arbor, and west to encompass the Shield Islands.
  • The Dornish Marches are currently contested between the Stormlands and the Reach.
  • Argella Durrandon is queen of the area from Sharp Point west to the Duskendale across the bay, the entirety of the Kingswood, south to Blackhaven and west to Estermont, Cape Wrath, and Tarth.
  • Olyvar Martell rules​ from the Boneway and the Princes Pass west, to the strip of land beyond the Tumblestone and down to the cape below Starfall, and east to Sunspear facing the Stepstones.

For your convenience, here is an interactive map of Westeros, which lists all towns, cities, keeps, rivers, and landmarks.