Royce is the head of House Bolton and Lord of the Dreadfort. He is a sworn banner-man of House Stark.

Appearance Edit

Royce has cold hard eyes and a receding hairline, along with a beard - more like stubble along his jaw - which was brown with flecks of grey in it. His face is hard and cold, he rarely breaks a smile. He is a regularly built man, not strong like an Umber but not so thin as his ancestors of old.

History Edit

Royce was born to Sybelle Umber and his father was Titus Bolton. He had a fairly uneventful childhood. He was like any other child, playing around, enjoying himself. For once, life was uneventful, simple, happy, yet that all changed one fateful day, and he never knew why. He transformed from a family loving man to one who spent his time in his drinks, and when he was well and truly drunk he turned to beating his own children.

Royce found comfort in milk of the poppy, and later on in causing pain for other people and animals and the like with a flaying knife, just like his ancestors. As he grew older he grew more bitter, and smarter as well. On a cold winters eve he slipped a poison into his fathers drink, and smiled as he saw the man choke on his own blood.

He was made Lord of the Dreadfort after that, mourning over the death of his poor father he began to rule. The first thing he did as lord was marry a Hornwood girl by the name of Lysa. She died during her third childbirth, but not before giving birth to two sons - Cedrik and Brandon - and a daughter, Arya.

He ruled without having to make too many strong decisions. He did send his brother to the wall, rather than flaying his skin and wearing it as a cloak, but that was by far the most eventful thing he did. He simply lay quiet and waited for the perfect opportunity.

Family Edit

  • Titus Bolton - Father (deceased)
  • Sybelle Umber - Mother (48)
    • Royce Bolton - (30)
    • Lysa Hornwood - Wife (deceased)
      • Cedrik Bolton - Son
      • Brandon Bolton - Son
      • Arya Bolton - Daughter