Osric is the second son of the Lord of Blackhaven, and he currently serves as the castellan.

Appearance Edit

Osric is considered by many to be an attractive man. The most notable feature are his eyes, which are a very icy blue. His dark hair is always well-kept, as is his beard when he decides to let it grow. Standing at six-feet, he is not the tallest Stormlander, but nor is he the smallest.

History Edit

Osric was the second son born to Baelor Dondarrion and Lyanna Estermont. From a young age, the maesters and tutors took note of his intelligence and ability to grasp concepts very quickly. This led to him forgoing the normal martial education the rest of his brothers received and was instead tutored in stewardship, administration, strategy and diplomacy.

At the age of nine-and-ten, his abilities were put to use when he was appointed castellan of Blackhaven ahead of his older brother.

Since then, he has ensured a peaceful and prosperous rule for House Dondarrion.

Family Edit

  • Baelor Dondarrion - Father (43)
  • Lyanna Estermont - Mother (41)
    • Arstan Dondarrion - Brother (24)
    • Osric Dondarrion - (23)
    • Daric Dondarrion - Brother (19)