Lyn is the King of Mountain and Vale, and the current Lord of the Eyrie. He assumed the crown upon coming of age, before which the regency was held by his uncle, Ronnel Arryn.

Appearance Edit

Lyn Arryn is a tall man, with thick shoulders and rough hands. His face and jaw are lean, made with a small scruff that is kept shaven. He has shoulder-length brown hair, neatly kept, and wears black and blue - the former for mourning, and the latter for his house colors.

History Edit

Lyn Arryn was born a fatherless child in a year of winter twenty-four years past, the only son of the unbowed Arryn line for seven generations. It was his mother who assumed regency over the newly-born boy, but a sickness had taken her from the world before his first year. In the stead of his deceased mother, and his father, who had died on a hunting trip during his mother’s pregnancy, his uncle Ronnel assumed regency

Lyn’s world was innocent from a young age. He was no warrior, yet he showed skill with the bow. His voice was demanding, but he was quiet when hushed by his regent. Patience came as a virtue, and soon, he was learning his numbers and words. With many at court there to teach him, Lyn grew to be quite a skilled boy. His uncle taught him what political intrigue was and what it was like, and when someone planned something, it was him who would often uncover such vile things.

At the age of thirteen, Lyn was betrothed to Selyse Hunter, and was wed at fifteen. His official regency was thus ended and when he took Selyse to the bed, the two had no issue creating a child… that ended Selyse’s life on the birthing bed, and died but hours later. With the trust of his uncle, Lyn then took Teora Corbray to bride at the age of eighteen, and the two grew fond of each other very quickly.

Teora Corbray’s life was taken from a failed heart just four years after their marriage. The woman had a history of being characteristically weak, and it came as no surprise to some, but it hit Lyn the hardest. Having been a widower of two, Lyn took no woman to bride again, for fear of a curse upon himself. His uncle, Ronnel, however, serving as loyal castellan and steward for his nephew, has looked outside of the Vale for potential marriages.

Family Edit

  • Edwyn Arryn - Father (deceased)
  • Lysa Waynwood - Mother
    • Lyn Arryn - (24)