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Our Story Edit

The Kings of Old storyline is set just after the Doom of Valyria. The continent of Westeros is split into seven independent kingdoms: The North, The Iron Islands & Riverlands (not yet independent), the Stormlands, the Vale of Arryn, the Reach and Dorne.

Two years after the fateful catastrophe that broke the Valyrian Peninsula and swallowed its people in flame and boiling mist, the Targaryens and their fellow survivors have migrated to Westeros. Rhaenys Targaryen rules as Queen of Dragonstone, with the young dragons Silverwing and Balerion at her side. House Celtigar has colonized Claw Isle, and the Velaryon family have claimed Driftmark.

In the Stormlands, Argella Durrandon rules as Queen, yet unwed and searching for a possible husband. It is the start of a long summer, and in celebration the queen and her court have decided that they will throw a faire of immense proportion, inviting the monarch of each kingdom and their retainers. A grand feast marks the opening of the event, and all are welcome.

The King in the North is dead, taken in an unfortunate accident, and in his place rises The Young Wolf. Rickard Stark has assumed lordship of his ancestral home of Winterfell, and Moat Cailin. At the northernmost border of his realm, the Night's watch are plagued with wildling attacks, and perhaps the presence of something far more sinister.

Theobald II Gardener still harbors the age-old resentment between his people and the Durrandons. Between them lie the Dornish marches, split clean in two, but the King of the Reach desires something more: land, glory, and most of all a mother for his daughter. Brute force alone may not be enough to take everything he needs.

Rules and Regulations Edit

  1. Please respect other role players. Any out-of-character derogatory language or hate speech will not be tolerated. Should you have any problems with this, please contact the moderators and it will be taken care of.
  2. USER DISCRETION IS ADVISED! This subreddit contains adult themes and triggers such as torture, rape, and murder. Any threads containing this type of content will contain a NSFW tag. If it does NOT contain a tag, it will be removed! In addition to this rule, we simply ask that you treat this content maturely.
  3. Mythical creatures are part of the Game of Thrones world. A online roll bot will be used to determine if a player gets a creature or not. Here is a list of creatures found within the universe.
  4. This is Game of Thrones, and people will die. Please do not create a character and put them in that situation only to become upset over it. Furthermore, please do not kill other characters without proper cause, or going through the proper channels and proper roleplay.
  5. No teleporting to locations. It takes days, weeks, and sometimes months to travel around Westeros/to Essos.
  6. Original characters are encouraged. If you are seen people actively copying the series, you will be asked to change your character and/or your story.
  7. Changing original thread content without permission of the moderators is a serious offense. If content (thread or post) is changed without consent after the post was made, it will carry a two day ban from the sub. If it continues, it may result in a permanent ban. This is to discourage people from changing stories after spy attempts are made.
  8. SPOILERS may happen! If you don't wish to see spoilers, than this may not be the best place for you!
  9. Writing must be done in third person. No exceptions!
  10. There is no game without the players. You are the most important part of the subreddit, and the moderators have placed these rules to ensure that it runs easily and smoothly. More than anything, have fun and enjoy yourself!

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Rulers of the Seven KingdomsEdit

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  • Rhaenys Targaryen, Queen of DragonstoneGo to Rhaenys Targaryen
  • Argella Durrandon, Storm QueenGo to Argella Durrandon
  • Theobald Gardener, King of the ReachGo to Theobald Gardener
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