Joyeuse is the Lady of Crow's Nest in the Stormlands.

Appearance Edit

The first thing usually noted about Joy is the peculiar scarring that run from the tips of her shoulders down to her fingers. Blazing red locks fall down past her sternum, crow feathers braided in. Joy is fond of the more finer things in life such as corsets and gowns of lace and satin.

History Edit

She was born twenty-one years ago to Duncan Morrigen and his wife, Elaena Swann. Both her sister and her mother died during childbirth - a complication involving the umbilical cord being wrapped around the infant’s throat as well as her mother bleeding out. Lord Duncan never remarried, leaving most of his time to properly raise Joyeous.

As Joyeous grew, her septa noticed a speech impediment, Joyeous repeating certain sounds before fully getting a word out. Her stutter would become the butt of many jokes, and to make up for it, Duncan would train her to care for the crows that gave their house’s seat it’s name. Many crows gather there, for some odd reason, and few have been trained to deliver letters and become companions. Joyeous took on one such crow, and slowly started to train it, even having it attack a person or two. She was light on her feet, using her agility to be a step ahead of her enemies. As the heiress to Crow’s Nest, Joyeous received some negative attention from bandits and brutes, so her father had one of his best bannermen teach her how to use properly use a dagger for when she was threatened. That skill with the dagger would eventually pay off, having trained enough to be able to go up against a man if she needed, which she did for sport quite a lot. At one point when she was younger, she was attacked by a bandit while she was picking flowers near her house’s village. After stabbing and killing the bandit, getting the blood on her hands, she began to take pleasure in the pain of others, and practiced on those who she could find. She began torturing the citizens that would float around her Nest, flaying for secrets, for gold, for the bloodshed.

Joyeous also realized that with just a wink or a flutter of the eyelashes, she was able to get even the most stone-faced man to do what she wished. With that, the secrets started pouring in. Sometimes she would give this information to someone higher on the food chain as her and other times she would let the secret remain until she could use it for blackmail. Either way, she always got something out of the whispers she heard.

Family Edit

  • Duncan Morrigan - Father (deceased)
  • Elaena Swann - Mother (deceased)
    • Joyeuse Morrigen - (21)