Hugh is the head of House Roxton in The Reach, and his seat is the fortress known as the Ring. He possesses the Valyrian steel sword known as Orphan-Maker.

Appearance Edit

Hugh is a muscled man, used to sparring and fighting. He has a small scar down the left side of his face, but it is hardly noticeable really. He has short black hair, blue eyes and normally maintains a few days worth of stubble on his chin.

History Edit

Hugh was the only trueborn son of his father, the late Lord Roxton. As is therefore customary, he was raised as the heir to The Ring from a young age. His father trained him to be extremely proficient at arms, and when he was knighted he was given the ancestral Valyrian steel sword of House Roxton, Orphan Maker. He is the current Lord of The Ring.

The late Lord Criston also instilled the lesson in Hugh that loyalty to one's liege is a quality that cannot be undervalued in life. Therefore, Hugh himself is willing to die for the Kings of the Reach, to prove his loyalty to them.

He does also have a tendency to be rather too heavy handed in dealing out punishments to smallfolk and criminals, and if the need should arrive or the order be given, he would not flinch in killing anyone, even if the cause was not right. This 'bloodlust' also gives Hugh a love of battle and warfare. He and his younger cousin Ser Garse Varner, who has recently sworn himself to the service of House Roxton, are known to be close friends.

Family Edit

  • Criston Roxton - Father (deceased)
  • Ellery Varner - Mother
    • Hugh Roxton - (37)
    • Leonette Lyberr- Wife
      • Leo Roxton - Son (16)
      • Ryella Roxton - Daughter (14)
      • Steffon Roxton - Son (9)
    • Gysella Roxton - Sister
    • Jayne Roxton - Sister

The Many Emotions of Hugh Edit