House Rogare

House Rogare is a wealthy banking family from Lys of Valyrian descent and features. They are affiliated with the Rogare Bank. It is well known that their descendants live prominently in the Free City. The head of their bank is Larra Rogare, though not the eldest member of their family she has demonstrated the ability to lead them to prominence.

Their sigil is a rampant silver unicorn on a field of sage. The words of House Rogare are "There is no justice without Truth", the words are more than likely a reference to the ancestral sword of House Rogare.

Family Members Edit

  • Lady Larra Rogare - 22
  • Lord Lysander Rogare - 54
  • Lady Belandra Rogare - 51 (Deceased)
  • Lady Lysara Rogare - 17
  • Lord Aurane Rogare - 19