Grance is the grandson of the current Lord of Stonehelm and second in line for the lordship. His family are Marcher Lords.

Appearance Edit

Though not a handsome man, he is by no means ugly. Eyes of stone grey look out from beneath incredibly light brown hair that borders on blonde, he has a well sculpted beard along his jaw, his face is unmarked by scars. He is broad set and of average height, his build does not hide his strength, however, though he is not a mass of muscles, instead he is well built and thick set, a man who fits his armour well. Grance takes great pride in his appearance, trimming his beard often and wearing only the finest clothing that befits his status and wealth.

History Edit

Grance was born 24 years ago to the heir to Stonehelm, Donnel Swann, and his wife, Ellyn Dondarrion. He is a martial man, growing up in the Dornish Marches means that, like all boys, he was trained in the defence of his homeland from the Dornish invaders, the same ones that has been dashed beneath the walls of his home many times. Grance took great joy in his training, becoming incredibly adept with the bow, and even more so with the Sword and Lance. He first entered a tourney at the age of 14, and since then has continued an illustrious career as a tourney knight across the seven kingdoms, defeating many other knights of renown, partly from his martial skill, and partly from his quick wits. Despite his success in the tourneys he has never been knighted, as he was never a squire, and the thought of it never crossed his mind during the drunken celebrations that tended to follow such Tournaments.

With House Swann being the richest house in the Stormlands, Grance grew to love the finer things in life very quickly after his birth, he grew up surrounded by affluent merchants all begging for his grandfather's support and assistance, as well as the treasures that it brought. His taste did not diminish over time, and even today he wears ornate pieces, wields ornate weapons, and drinks ornate wines. Grance is a very zealous follower of the seven, ever since an incident in his younger years, where a local Septon saved him and his friend, Martyn Storm, from drowning in the Slayne, he has taken a very pious worship of the gods to heart, and ensure that he prays at a sept before and after every tourney or battle.

He, along with the majority of his immediate family, attended the great feast at Storm's End, as they are loyal bannermen to Argella Durrandon.

Family Edit

  • Tristan Swann - Grandfather (68)
    • Donnel Swann - Father (47)
    • Ellyn Dondarrion - Mother (45)
      • Grance Swann - (24)
      • Davos Swann - Brother (20)
      • Jeyne Swann - Sister (18)
      • Guyard Swann - Brother (15)