Eleanor is the second-oldest of the Stark children, and sister to the King in the North. She is styled Princess.

Appearance Edit

Eleanor is a slight girl, petite but lean and muscled. Her eyes are a stormy grey with flecks of purple and her hair a chocolate brown, reaching her elbows. It is often braided to stay out of her way, but she wears it loose on occasion. She is not overly tall, with a milky complexion. She is fond of rich materials, but is not adverse to armor.

History Edit

Eleanor is eighteen years old, a woman grown. Over the years, she has spend many hours with the Maester of Winterfell, pouring over tomes telling of the families in the lands. She has taken an interest in the history of these families, and of the First Men and the Andals. She keeps the Old Gods like her father did, but can be found at times in a Sept. She desperately wants to leave Winterfell and explore, against her mother's wishes.

Recently, she has taken up training with her brothers, and has become skilled in the use of a sword. With the help of her brothers, she hopes to become a talented swordswoman.

Family Edit

  • Cregan Stark - Father (deceased)
  • Elaena Targaryen - Mother (deceased
    • Rickard Stark - Brother (19)
    • Eleanor Stark - (18)
    • Daemon Stark - Brother (17)
    • Cregan Stark - Brother (16)
    • Sister - Open