Edwyle is the Lord of White Harbor in the North.

Appearance Edit

Short and stout, Edwyle is of a more round shape than that of his knights and he sports short, cropped black hair along with a goatee and ice blue eyes.

History Edit

Edwyle, as a young man, was the pinnacle of adventure and strength. He traveled the world in his late teens and early twenties developing a positive outlook on the world and becoming a well traveled and well learned man. He even spent a few years studying at the citadel when he was just a boy. Unable, in any usual circumstances, to become Lord of the White Harbor, he used money from his family's seat of power and traveled all across the world. He spent time in the court of the former Storm King and even journeyed to Lys to serve in the court of the famed Rogare family for three years. Returning to White Harbor, Edwyle began to study his father’s court and prepare himself for becoming the Lord of White Harbor.

Family Edit

  • Domeric Manderly - Father (deceased)
  • Jonella Karstark - Mother
  • Edwyle Manderly - (32)
  • Berris Bolton - Wife
    • Brandon Manderly - Son (15)
  • Jon Manderly - Brother