Daegon is a sworn knight of House Targaryen, and he serves as the master-of-arms on Dragonstone. He is the rider of the dragon Silverwing.

Appearance Edit

The dragon knight has violet eyes and short, well kept silver hair. He also has a short beard, silver in colour. He is muscular and broad, with pale skin.

History Edit

Born as the youngest male child of House Velaryon, Daegon is eager to etch out a life in this new land known as "Westeros". Though he feels some sorrow for those who perished in Valyria, he understands that the city itself was its own undoing. Corruption was allowed to fester in the old lands of his people, and they reaped what they sowed.

Upon the King of Dragonstone's death, the dragon Silverwing grew into a fit of rage, ravaging the countryside on the isle of Driftmark. Eager to defend his family's newfound home, Daegon recklessly rode out to where the dragon was though to have landed. His family mourned his actions, believing he rode to his death that fateful day. Daegon returned a week later, his horse replaced by Silverwing. The matriarch of the Targaryens, Rhaenys, awarded Daegon with the title of "The Brave" in recognition of his bold deeds. Alongside that title came his knighthood, as well as Silverwing himself.

Now a Dragon rider in service to the Targaryens, Daegon eagerly anticipates what the next day may bring. He wishes for his kinsmen to extend their new-found kingdom, proving himself in battle amongst those known as Westeros's finest warriors. He hopes to someday be remembered by those who come far after him, his deeds immortalized in song and poetry.

Family Edit

  • Baelon Velaryon - Father (deceased)
  • Dhaella Celtigar - Mother (deceased)
    • Brother - Open
    • Brother - Open
    • Daegon Velaryon - (24)
    • Sister - Open
    • Sister - Open
    • Sister - Open