Cregan is the third Stark son, named after his father, and is a Prince of the North.

Appearance Edit

Cregan Stark, the youngest child of Cregan Stark and Elaena Targaryen isn't as tall as his siblings, nor is he as strong, whilst all of the other Stark children are lean and heavily muscled Cregan was quite chubby as a child and only grew out of that with age when Winterfell’s master at arms forced him go outside and learn the art of falconry. He didn't inherit many of his mother's Valyrian features and isn't the most attractive child, keeping the traditional stark grey eyes and dark brown hair which he wears short and slightly curly. his face still slightly resembling a horse because of it’s length. Despite being six and ten and a man grown Cregan still looks much younger and is often forgotten about when people think about the Stark children.

History Edit

Cregan Stark grew up in the shadow of his siblings, each of them accomplishing great feats and showing their worth whilst Cregan remained in Winterfell doing nothing. In his youth he aspired to become a great warrior and fight with his brothers in great battles however that dream was crushed quickly as Cregan soon realised he was hopeless in matters of arms even managing to be beaten by his sisters who would often bring it up every time he tried to fight with the other boys in yard. Despite his failings Cregan persisted with his trainings and whilst he himself could not fight he got fairly good at watching others and could easily direct men in the battlefield, knowing much about strategy.

His inability to fight left him lacking a source of exercise and as a child he grew to be quite chubby, the other children mocking him as the “Fat Wolf” so his master at arms helped him teaching him how to do basic falconry, skill that Cregan continues to refine even now, owning over three falcons that are kept in Winterfell’s rookery.

Family Edit

  • Cregan Stark - Father (deceased)
  • Elaena Targaryen - Mother
    • Rickard Stark - Brother (19)
    • Eleanor Stark - Sister (18)
    • Daemon Stark - Brother (17)
    • Cregan Stark - (16)
    • Sister - Open