Aurion Connington is the current Head of Griffins Roost. He is the eldest of three, having inherited the throne after the death of her late father.

Appearance Edit

Aurion Connington has platinum hair from his mothers side and blue eyes from his fathers. He stands at 6'1 with an impressive athletic build from his experience as a fighter. He wears his hair in messy, barely medium length and usually a crimson padded armor with iron armor sometimes.

History Edit

Aurion was born into a family with minor influence and small name with a few stones they called a castle, but it was enough for their family. They were close and respected by the people of their dominion. He grew up with his sister and brother.

They were taught to read and write just like everyone else. His sister her woman things and his brother and himself to fight. When he got old enough, Aurion decided to travel around as a sellsword under the name Connington as to hone his abilities and learn of other cultures.

He traveled to the Vale, then the North, then the Riverlands, down to the Reach and Dorne and through Valyria to return to his father before he pasted away and gave Aurion the title of Head of his house and Griffin’s Roost.

His brother would act as his sentinel, a term he learned from the north, and his sister would wait to do whatever girls did. Aurion first addressed his family with one simple purpose. His ambitions and his first move. His first move was to get the attention of the Queen.

Family Edit

  • Beric Connington - Father (deceased)
  • Emilee Celtigar - Mother (53)
    • Aurion Connington - (26)
    • Alynne Connington - Sister (20)
    • Romarn Connington - Brother (19)